Ed Bosbyshell announces the formation of Ed Bosbyshell & Associates

Firm to office at One Alliance Center

ATLANTA, GA - December 4, 2009. Ed Bosbyshell has formed his own real estate services firm, Ed Bosbyshell & Associates. The firm will focus on office tenant representation with a view toward locally based middle market firms. “I plan to focus in a sweet spot underneath the client size which the national and big local firms pursue. Their multiple man teams simply cannot work in this arena and give the level of service I can. That said, I am sure I will run into them from time to time, but I’ve competed with them before and have won my share” said Bosbyshell.

The firm will enjoy the best of today’s technology and research. Most real estate data is available via online subscriptions which are geared to the profession. Co-Star, the most widely known information gathering firm, maintains an office in Atlanta and provides the information through subscriptions to both the national firms as well as the one-man shops. “Clients today expect their real estate service provider to come armed with the best market information and be smart and consultive in their approach. They are not looking for someone to show them a property and then get behind the deal and push. They want someone who understands and can explain market dynamics and how it impacts their commitment to real estate and their business. We are in an age of partnering with our clients” said Bosbyshell. “Much of my thought about leaving a mid-sized national firm and doing my own thing was based on the quality of individuals who have done the very same thing in the last few years. There are some real pros out here that have their own shops and are doing very well. They’ve got websites, first class materials and frankly all the things the biggest firms have.” said Bosbyshell. "From a transactional standpoint it is very difficult to tell the difference in working with one of these small focused shops as opposed to the big boys. Technology has really leveled the playing field. Plus there is no delegation to junior brokers or assistants. When you hire a firm like mine you are getting nearly twenty years in the business and much transactional experience." said Bosbyshell. Bosbyshell is just completing the representation of Air2Web in its office search which is taking it from Midtown to Buckhead.

I believe there are a lot of interesting things in our business right now. The firms that can match their level of resources and deliver them effectively to their clients are the ones who will prosper.

The firm will office in One Alliance Center in Buckhead.